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November 17, 2012
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_ER_APP_Soraka Lov'aise by Chiiako _ER_APP_Soraka Lov'aise by Chiiako
Ahahahahah um
Ohaiya Gozaimas Minna :iconlazyroseplz:
I'm getting better with my sickness,and my SAI is working again! Stubborn little program broke on me a few days ago,so I had issues drawing for a while. But hi again~! :iconsryyea:

I'll answer all my rp messages once I'm settled in again, which won't be until next Saturday because I'm going to school tomorrow to hang out with some people and draw in school! I'll be on skype though,so you can hit me up!

Soraka Lov'aise

Alias: Sora, Raka, Puffy, Rabbit, Wanna-be.

Sixteen (16)

Birthdate: November 16 (Which is why he's 16 now 8D!)

105 lbs (Scaling to 105-106 however,but it is stated that he is 105 as of now)

Manly man

Whatever floats your boat


The Un-noticed Student Waiting for his sempai to notice him

How can the albino EVEN explain? Heh, it's a bit of a funny story really. He was always home schooled as well as kept inside due to being born an albino baby. Too much sun exposure wasn't healthy for him the doctor said. So he wasn't really up-to-date on most things. Thou his family has the wealth, he didn't have the health.

Due to being an Albino baby with unexplainable red feather ends to the wings, Soraka was always a weak flyer and had trouble growing physically. Mentally he grew fast, but he didn't grow that tall even by the age of six. He was actually under-height for his age. So his whole childhood was quite a mess for the family, not him. He was just a little boy who just went with the flow. But grew up having too much pride in himself. Having such a stubborn attitude,giving rebellious gestures. The boy was the only child of the family,so he must carry on the family name! But not with such attitude. It wasn't very pleasing, it was actually disgusting to say. His family could not tolerate with such actions.

So they sent the Albino boy somewhere else where he could learn to act more like a proper gentleman, respecting one another and not causing so many problems with every guest that comes. And as the years passed on, he grew up in a slightly elevated home covered with curtains. To only have his trusted Butler and children whom he grew up with. He would always be a bit lonely since the children would go off to some place called a "school" and come home in the afternoon leaving Soraka at home alone oftenly since the butler had to attend to other duties.

While he was home alone, he would always just stay in his room doing his studies given by those really annoy private tutors. Soraka couldn't really stand them at all! They don't give any fun challenges, they're plain B O R I N G!!! So he just threw them across the room as he suddenly heard a knock on the front door. Alarming him quickly as he ran down the stairs quickly to see who it was. Sure the butler told him not to open doors for strangers,but he's Fourteen! Why the hell should it matter anymore!?

Thus, he looked through the peek hole with his left eye....seeing somebody....with a really strange appearance! Horns? A Tail? What is with their hair color? It was unique! So he slowly opened the door to answer the young teen demon, squinting his eyes slightly. It hurts looking at the sun sometimes since he was kept dim lit rooms. So he couldn't look at the young teen demon closely as his sight began to clear a bit to see the demon gone. Which left the albino blinking as he finally saw the outside world clearly. Why was this place sealed away from him? What is this place even? It left the albino angel speechless as his eyes were quickly shielded away and pulled into the house as the door was shut. The children had arrived back from school just saving the Albino just in time! However, he's been exposed to the sun longer than they really thought. And no harm was done to him mentally nor physically. Hell, while he was trying to figure out his surroundings, he met a little kitten at the doorsteps. Somehow communicating with it in a way only he could understand it.

Which made Soraka plan his future from that point on. He really wants to know what was that strange little kid at his steps that wanted to ask for something,but fled in a hurry! He does know somethings about Demons,but he doesn't really know their complete appearance. Some could have a pair of horns and wings, horns and a tail, a tail and wings, and even pointy ears! And with these pair of eyes Soraka has, it's a BIT hard.

So he pleaded the Butler if he can be sent somewhere he can Co-exist with these demons also, to not only learn about them and their unique appearance! But to probably make friends with them too. It's just really unique! Seeing other Angels seemed pretty boring,and meeting Demons would be a new experience~! Thus packing up his things and even bringing his favorite special edition moon rabbit plushies in white. And leaving foot.

Strong-headed,Stubborn,and just hard to deal with in general a bit. Just because he's short doesn't mean he can't really beat somebody taller than him up. Ha, just challenge him and he'll accept it right away. Hell. He'd even break a law for the challenge. (By that it's like drinking and stuff y'know?) He's all hardcore about challenges. And takes them seriously. And will always his dreams. He honestly cannot be taken seriously really only because of his cute little height. So he can get a little huffy like a kid sometimes,and pout.

And since this was forgotten, Angeru will put this now. Whatever catches his attention or are in his hands, he will play with them like a little kitten. And is sort of like a little kid because of his height. But do be warned he'll get a bit grumpy if you treat him like a kid, though it takes him a while to notice it.

+Animal hoodies! (Owns a bunch of them)
+Most specifically, colors. Being an Albino all his life, it was boring seeing his face even after bathing.
+Challenges! It's called BRING IT
+Patternsssss. He lovu them

+Tutors. God they're boring.
+Moving his bangs to the side just to see something more clearly.
+Boring Challenges

Calm Melody- Thou he is a stubborn mule that thinks he can beat the crap out of everyone, his singing voice is very gentle and calming it can sooth the angriest. However, this boy doesn't sing in public. But loud enough it can be heard on accident.

Nature's Sound-He can understand animals completely, however, only little animals. Such as rabbits, kittens, adult cats,and etc. Think of something that is as big as a regular sized teddy bear.

naw but seriously it's his arms and feet.

|Statistics: (range is only 6 stars)|
Stamina: :star::star::star::star::star::star-half: (4.8)
Speed: :star::star::star::star::star::star-half: (5.7)
Defense: :star::star-half: (2.6)
Strength: :star::star::star::star-half: (3.8)
Magic: :star::star: (2.1)
Intelligence: :star-half: (1.2)

|Additional Information|
+When his feathers shed off, they're completely white.....Until they grow back that's where some red feathers start coming in,but it's a long process. So it's best to enjoy the red while it lasts.
+As stubborn as a mule
+Isn't too sure why his teeth are a bit sharp,but it hurts to eat sometimes. So he doesn't eat too often knowing the reason for his weight.
+OWNS ANIMAL HOODIES YES. They have the ears, and little tails on the bottom of the jackets! His current one he's wearing is his rabbit one, since Winter is coming he'll be wearing his kitty one because it has cotton in it.
+Does have Heterochromia due to his other eye being blue, though it's not like anybody would see it since his hair covers it. Unless they share rooms, then that's totally different.
+Tends to be a bit.....cocky....sometimes on some challenges.
+Oh yeah his Halo likes to defy gravity a lot,so he wears it around his neck instead to keep it nice and safe! It's hard to steal only because he wears it around his neck a lot,and takes it off at night stashing it somewhere safe.
+Grounded little angel, he chooses not to fly. He'll probably only fly when he really needs to, other times he would jump to get somewhere. Or even climb. Since the advantage of being an Angel is having the ability to jump higher than a regular being itself. And he uses that advantage over flying with his wings.
+Has a wing span of twelve-fourteen, the number is unknown due to the fact his feathers shed off and grow back. (But it is stated to be approximately 13 and a half)
+Thou not physically strong, he's fast on his feet.
+Also a wanna-be man. Yep. Go on and freely tease him like he's a tsundere even if that's a fact
+Yes he acts like a kid a lot,however, when he doesn't get what he wants he'll just pout about it stubbornly instead of throwing a little tantrum. Just wait for a bit then he'll forget about it.
+Why am I so forgetful. His cowlick can show his emotions sometimes, it just depends. It changes itself which he has no problem with.

I like adding in stuff. So here's more stuff 8D! //le submits app now
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MadHatterXueron Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Oh lord I somehow missed this cuteness. //flops. He's just so adorable!

Ulrick: Another angel, well it's see the numbers are growing.. I'm Ulrick, and you are?
Chiiako Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student Digital Artist
It's okay
IT'S NOT MUCH OF A SIGHT ANYWAYS------//brickd away

Soraka: //looks up at him for a moment....Damn everybody is tall//............//suddenly shoots up as if he had ears//....Your wings are different from your hair......Eheh, I just seem some angel's with their wings common to their hair color. (*´・v・)a But I'm Soraka, it's a pleasure to meet you~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
MadHatterXueron Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
D'aww, such lies! It's adorables! >8U

Ulrick: *Tilting his head at the rather odd little angel in front of him.* I'd never really noticed it before. Looking over at his wings, *</i> Yes, pleasure to meet you too, so I take it you are one of the newer students? *i>*He said with a small flutter of his wings.*</i>
Chiiako Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
But b-but....okay :iconlazepoolplz:

Soraka: You haven't? //he cocked his head to the side gently, looking at his own wings. They were pretty much like his hair, just with that natural red dye down there at the ends. Shooting a little disappointment stare a bit. Why are his wings so plain looking even if he IS an albino? Why does this even bother him? He decided to just leave it be because it was annoying him a bit,and turned his attention back to the other angel. Nodding to what he says// Yes, it's a bit of a strange environment...But it's okay for my taste...//averts his eyes towards his halo,and just suddenly felt.......well....sulky.// My halo doesn't even stay on my head....... //quietly poked at the ground
World-Inside-Me Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012
He's so adorable~! :love: I really love your drawing and colouring style~!

Atlantis: *trots over and pats him on the head* I'M TALLER THAN YOU! By an inch BUT STILL TALLER!!! I love your hair too~~ *starts twiddling a strand of Soraka's hair around his fingers* Please can I stroke your wings?

(Soraka is as tall as I am in real life ^^;)
Chiiako Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Ahahaha thank youuuuuu u v u~ Oh----you don't have to say that fgjng :iconinamiblushplz:

Soraka: //flutters his wings out a bit, quietly poking at the ground with his feet. What's that weird sound he hears with somebody coming-----then came a sudden pat on the head!?//....................I'm still manly even if I'm short. :iconlazepoolplz: //whimpers a bit,but just pouts about it//........//blinks a bit just staring at the-----demon.// tejntgrf Wait......what about my hair? And my wings? (´・ω・`) Go....ahead...?
World-Inside-Me Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012
You're welcome!~ :love:

Atlantis: *He gently touches Soraka's wings with his finger tips, running them along the feathers and smiling to himself as he does so* So soft~ *swoons, his cheeks going a little red*
Chiiako Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Soraka: //looks at him carefully//..........You have a funny tail.....wait do all demons have different tail shapes? :icontsukasaplz: //tilts his head a bit// Did something happen to you? Uh.....don't fall on me...
Please. :iconp4imnothappyplz:
World-Inside-Me Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012
Atlantis: *He looks down at his own tail and flicks the end a little* Yes, we all have different tails~ And I won't fall on you~~~ *he giggles, but then his face grows serious and he stares at Soraka with questionning eyes* What do you mean "did something happen to you"?
Chiiako Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Soraka: :iconrealyplz: Really? It makes me wonder why do Angels just have wings and a halo now. Mine doesn't even want to stay on my head. //he huffed, pouting to add onto his expression// Nguhhhhhh, you were swooning a moment ago's like....don't you ever get the feeling when you see somebody swooning something is the matter? Whenever I see somebody's like.....they're going to....fall on me. :iconp4imnothappyplz:
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